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At GradGenius, we understand that although education is increasingly global and talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. So, we are creating a seamless, one-stop-shop solution that makes it easier for professionals and recent graduates seeking advanced degrees to select and successfully apply to academic institutions of choice.


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Our goal is to provide a mobile and web-based solution for busy professionals and recent graduates that can facilitate the end-to-end graduate application journey. We give you the power to make the right decisions in the fastest time and lowest cost possible.

  • Graduate School Selection
  • Expert Application Support
  • Candidate Mentoring

Graduate School Selection

Simplifying the school selection process by reducing the time it takes to identify the right institution by more than 85%, helping you make an informe... Read more

Expert Application Support

Providing end-to-end application support and vital information designed to maximize chances of success is what we do. From tailoring your story to att... Read more

Candidate Mentoring

Every candidate about to embark on a graduate degree journey has many important questions they want answered. At GradGenius, we provide a platform whe... Read more

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